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FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
fact when massachusetts did something quite extraordinary, elected a republican senator, to stop obamacare, you pushed it through anyway. entirely on a partisan basis, instead of bringing america together and having a discussion on this important top being, you pushed through something that you and nancy pelosi and harry reid thought was the best answer and pushed it through. what we did was work together. 200 legislators, only 2 voted against the plan by the time we were finished. what were some differences? we didn't raise taxes. have you raised them by $twenty one trillion with obamacare. we cannot didn't cut medicare -- of course, we don't have medicare, by $716 billion. we didn't put into place a board to tell people what treatment they could receive. we didn't do something that a number of people recognize, put people in a position where they are going to lose the insurance that they have and they wanted. right now, the cbo says up to 20 million people will lose insurance as obamacare goes into effect next year. likewise, a study by mckensy and company said 30% of them are
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 3:00am EDT
garbage and every day he comes out and hugs me. like that would lose the election. he doesn't hug me or he hugs me every day. no way for mitt romney to win. >> or even if he was mildly friendly, he tries to hard. he is trying to be cool. he is trying to be one of the people. >> he thinks he is cooler than i am. he is talking down to me. he thinks i can't afford my own gatorade. it would have been that whole thing. >> he comes out with garbage and throws it at me. put it in the truck. that's what i do. >> stick with this garbage analogy, isn't mitt suffering from a mess he made himself? if he hadn't said that 47% line they never would have come up with the campaign and never would have used the quote against him. >> i think they have come up with it anyway. >> but they used the quote over and over and over in ways that are effective even if they are unfair. this just seems to be in the ridiculous zone. we are now criticizing mitt because he doesn't come out in the morning and say, here is a water. how about a hug? i have been waiting for you. why are you late? >> and you have to admit
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 2:00am EDT
monday in a dc concert, the material gal listened to reasons the america should re-elect "the view"'s favorite guest. and there is no god but allah and mohamed is my prophet. don't believe me? just like a prayer, i will take you there. >> [bleep --] bleep [obama, okay? a >> she keeps saying that is amazing salt. madonna has yet to clarify her bury coherent voice. to the world it has left them wondering about the comments, was she serious? and the same question should be posed to this. >> that may be the last hedge hog since "welcome back carter." >> also i should mention he ended up starving to death. i don't think we should be joking about this. >> you were madonna's roady for two years. do you think she was kidding? >> no, i think she is insane. i don't know if you saw the second part of it. if we re-elect him, she is 2ing to strip and take her clothes off. did you see that? that's not helping. that's not a good thing. >>- q. i that turned a lot -- >> that turned a lot of polls to romney. >> that would have converted obama to islam so women couldn't strip anymore. >> greg, may i? >>
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 12:00am PDT
elected and they will look at it and be like wtf was that. >> to use like a tennis metaphor, this was a hail mary pass. it is like what matt said, there is no way you will win. let's play it safe. bring in the zombies. maybe it will convince those who were never going to vote which is important. >> i found his relationship with the lamb to be slightly romantic at the end. >> i thought the strolling in the distance with the sun in the background, i kind of thought it looked like a roncom. >> why are you afraid of tenderness? >> i am not afraid of tenderness, but i don't know how i feel with it in a meal. >> it would be better if the lamb faced off with brian lamb. >> the american hero. >> he is an american hero and he is a subtle american hero. i love the way he talks. >> the main problem is it is a waste of money. dead people only vote democrat. >> way to bring it back. >>> from zombies to zelits are they being attacked because of how they act? pentagon officials believe that at least some of the 97 u.s. and nato troops murdered by afghan security forces over the past 30 years were ki
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 3:00am EDT
far as the re-election is concerned aside from his campaign and buying the rights to the village people and their theme song. >> i will agree with bell on this note. i couldn't match in that comparison either. i was probably closer to what patrick murphy was doing, and i was 38. i was probably doing what patrick murphy was doing. however, i am not voting for me. i think we need more military guys in political office. if he ran for president i would like volunteer. >> i will put on my thing right now. i will volunteer to work for that guy. >> i don't want you to put out your thing. >> i whipped out my thing. >> can we get a blur up in this piece? >> red eye is a family show. >>> from the powerful ad to a film that looked bad, it is anti-frabbing -- anti--fracking and i speak of promise land where matt damon goes into the small town to get the residents to allow the company to use fracking to get natural gas out of the ground. he runs into trouble and he tries to stop him. watch and puke, watch and pukers. >> this town, this life is dying. you can all see it coming and you just don
FOX News
Oct 5, 2012 12:00am PDT
-elected we will get to a trillion dollar debt. you have said before you cut the deficit in half. in order to bring the cost of health care down we don't need a board of 15 people telling us what kinds of treatments we should have. >> the funny thing sthat was an rnc ad showing president obama smirking while romney was talking. and it occurred to me in the break that this is like a dnc ad they did. i was telling tom that where they showed and their point was mitt romney was mean. so the ad actually works for romney and for obama. don't you think that was an amazing idea i came up with that you did not come up with? >> we had a great discussion while it was running. the ad is similar. the dth c ad is supposed to make -- the dnc ad is supposed to make him look mean and interruptiing. but it is interruptiing romney the whole ad and then it says, mitt romney, he's not nice. but it is a great ad for romney. >> do you think it is being rude? >> no, but everyone calls that a smirk. that's fundamentally wrong. let me show what you a smirk is. that was a stiegle. that's when you stifle a gigg
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 3:00am EDT
filled with poison. >> they deserve it. >> of course it is. >> should people elect somebody who spends a hell of a lot of time as an assassin in a fantasy world? >> i do think it is helpful for the voters to know that this woman intends to take their taxpayer money to sit in her office and seriously slack off, those are her words, be lazy, her words, she is bragging about this and fan tau sizing about stabbing republicans. i assume the people in main work hard for their money, and they don't want to give it to this woman who brags about how they will waste their money obsessing of this on-line game. >> i don't know. i am the opposite. if i wanted to be a democrat in office i would want to do anything but work. i want her to play. >> then she is your gal. she made it clear she does not want to work. >> i want all politicians to play video games because they do less -- they do less of everything. is this one of the weirder political stories you have come across, or was -- wasn't kristine o'donnell a witch? >> she was a witch for awhile. and a delightful one. >> i am not certain. i know i
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)